About Us


About Us

When you get service from Trans-link we believe you are in our hands.
We work around the clock to ensure your needs are met with the utmost professionalism

Trans-Link Limited is equipped with the finest travel consultants and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times, operational since January 2015; Trans-Link Limited is led by a team of dynamic young individuals with more than eight years of experience in the transport and tourism industry.

Impeccable services and hospitality are guaranteed from the time you meet a Trans-Link Tour Visit Facilitator. Knowledge and information ranging from what cuisine you would like to try, sights and events you would like to spend your time exploring, is provided by our management team. We insure that Trans-Link is the right place for you to receive quality service on the international standards.

Our management structure, supervision methods, selection, recruitment and training standards are second to none, with an additional benefit of 24/7 Telephone availability.
Trans-Link believes in a hands-on approach on all projects, that is why the top management team will always be in direct contact with the clients to insure that any feedback good or bad goes directly to the management team for immediate consideration

How Far We've Come From Tells How Far We Can GO

How It Started

In 2015 the travel industry was still lacking professionals who are passionate about the industry. It was then that Trans-Link was Born! With the sole purpose of channeling the years of expertise in the transport sector into a reliable and professional company that offers multiple services related to the industries. Services which before Trans-Link's inception one would have to go through different agencies to get.

Trans-Link was born with the idea of simplifying client's needs

We knew the industry could be better, we understood the high demand it was getting and we knew it would only get higher, We could also see how low our supply chain was!